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Street Fight...
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Animal Shelter
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Puzzle Bobble
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Connect 4
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3 Foot Ninja 1
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Nuestros Juegos
Hatch up some fun with this egg-citing word game! Unscramble letters and find as many words as you can in this egg-citing word game. Predict how many words you can find in a group of seven letters, and then match that number and move on to the next level, or keep going for more and more points! Featuring a Timed mode for those who like a little pressure, and an Untimed mode for those who want to relax, Chicktionary is sure to delight, amuse, and challenge word lovers on the farm or in the city!
Your job is to impress the crowd as much as your can with your clown skills and grab all the balloons.
Cone Crazy
The goal of this Cone crazy game is to knock down as many cones as possible within 30 seconds time limit. Use your ARROW KEYS to control the car. Knock down cones for points and avoid obsticles and potholes.
Connect 4
This is a modern interpretation of the classic rainy day game that many of us remember playing at school. The game still upholds it's old principles, but just in a new mediatic way. You can either play the game against your computer or against a human, friend or family by opting for the 2 player mode.
Elimina a todos los que quieren hacer lo mismo contigo.
Cop Shoot
Almost like a police training game. You are a copy and you job is to shoot all the enemies.
A flash version of the popular computer game Counterstrike.
Crash Down
Tetris-ish style puzzle game
Crazy C..
Defend your castle from enemies using all sorts of weapons.
Cube Bu..
Bust da cubes!
Dancin ..
Watch Blair Dance!
De 3 en 3
Recoge bolas del mismo color y lánzalas.
An online version of the addictive Drug Wars game.
Dispose of bombs before they dispose of you!
Disc Golf
Throw the disc in to the cage in as few throws as possible.
Donkey ..
The arcade classic Donkey Kong brought to life
Donkey ..
Throw the bananas in to the barrels to score points.
Down Go..
Al Roker takes a tumble while doing a news broadcast for the Today Show.
Duck Hu..
Shoot as many ducks as you can in 3 minutes.
Curioso juego de lucha.
Etch A ..
Online Etch A Sketch for your drawing needs!
Make Falafels as fast as possible
Fancy P..
Es un juego de plataformas distinto. La física del juego es muy buena. Imprescindible.
Flash Ludo
Even The Emporer Akhbar the first of the Mogul Empire played the game on giant boards in the 16th century.
Flash Z..
Una nueva version del Zelda, en Flash