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Spectrum with 256 color!

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Can you remember 10+ years ago when you had fun with your Sinclair ZX Spectrum games? And, can you remember all these "wars" there were with the owners of some other 8 bit computers? (MSX, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC). Ok, then never is too late, keep reading.

Imagine yourself playing your Spectrum games with 256 colours. Yes, you´ve read well. This is what SPEC256 can do now, 17 years after the Sinclair ZX Spectrum was born (God save Sir Clive Sinclair).

We want to remark it keeps being an emulator, although with some modifications which will allow the miracle. Incredible but true.

If you want to see what this little miracle is capable of, visit the download page and see by yourself the incredible change of the games. If you have any difficulties to use SPEC256, just visit the usage page. And if you want to know how this all became real, visit the history page. Finally, you can help us too.


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