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Spectrum with 256 color!

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Remake del Manic MinerOnce upon a time (about half a year ago) I got a Pc version of Manic Miner that made me think about the possibility of converting some Spectrum games for the PC. The game was a remake of the classic Manic Minter, with 256 colour graphics and with a music with seemed to be in .MOD format. If you´re curious about that splendid remake get it [here] (this is NOT Spec256).

That game made me think. It would be nice to have fun again with all those classics from our beloved Spectrum, but with a more actual look.

Then I thought: why are we going to rewrite the whole code, if we already have the game, and all it needs is to emulate it using better sound and graphics?

That´s how SPEC256 was born.


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