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Spectrum with 256 colour!

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Do you want to collaborate with Spec256? We propose you to get Gunnrunner in 256 colours (click here to get the original version, in order to play it with any spectrum emulator). How can you do it? First, download this file:

descarga.gif (366 bytes)

Unzip it and look at those files with .lbm extension. You can open them with many programs (Paint Shop Pro, Deluxe Paint, ...). Realize that those files ALREADY have the colour palette with the 256 you can use.

Here are some advices for colouring them:

> You cannot modify the palette at your own.

> The last 64 colours (divided in groups of 8) are changing colours. What I mean by that is: if you colour a stone using 8 of those colours, the spectrum will look for its original colour, so if its originally yellow, the speccy will get all yellow tones, even though you´ve painted it red. This is useful when talking about enemies that repeat with a different colour.

> For many graphics you just need to spin them (use a mirror image). You don´t need to paint them again, making only one of the mirror images and then using a mirrored copy of it, instead of doing the same thing twice.

> When painting objects and stuff, you can use a single colour, and then protect every colour but that one, then pasting a nice texture over.

> Don´t paint sprite masks.

> If you can, finish the game (although it´s one of those endless games as Galaxians). This will help you locate where the graphics are used in the game

> Take it easy. We´re not in a hurry.

> If you get tired, it doesn´t matter. Send us whatever you have. We will finish it for you.

When you´ve finished, zip all the lmbs and send them to:


cuadrado.gif (821 bytes)    cuadrado.gif (821 bytes) cuadrado.gif (821 bytes)